Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pedicures Suck!

I don't know what momma's talking about when she says that she loves to get a relaxing pedicure. Today momma and daddy decided that my long nails were out of style and that I needed a trim. Momma loaded up a wooden spoon with peanut butter, but I was suspicious.

Sure enough daddy had those awful nail cutters. I HATE to have my nails cut and and will let you know about it if you try. Well I really hate to have the nails on my front paws cut. I don't really even notice when he's working on my back paws.

Long story short, I survived and I got peanut butter. I did scream a little, but nothing compared to my drama queen sister, Lily. You would have thought daddy was cutting off her toes. I think he was only able to trim a few before she just freaked out too much. No photos this time since it takes both momma and daddy to handle the cutting duties.

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