Saturday, February 27, 2010

It's always something when you're a senior.

At least that's what my momma and daddy say. I've been having a little trouble with my back leg so momma called the vet in the hopes that I could have some good meds for my new pain. Well it's never that easy. Since I also suffer from CCD (doggie dementia), I am on a med called selegiline. It seems no other pain med beside the Deramaxx I'm on, plays nice with it.

Momma made the tough decision to take me off the selegiline this morning so that she'll be able to give me Tramadol tomorrow. It has to get all out of my system. I used to be on Tramadol (before I started the selegiline) and I did well on it. Luckily momma still had lots of it on hand so no need to run to the vet to pick some up.

Hopefully my brain will be just fine and I won't get sad and hide. I'll just be happy that I can take something for my new aches and pains. It sucks being a senior sometimes. Every day is new pain, a new med.

We'll see how the next week goes and hopefully I'll be able to come off the pain med and back on the brain med.

You guys know that I try not to post about my medical issues. I just don't think everyone else wants to hear about every ache and pain, pill schedules and potty issues of little old me.

Hopefully I'll have a more fun post to share next time. Later Gator!

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